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    CBD oil

    It’s a hot topic — CBD. Trying to choose a product that’s safe can be a like walking a tightrope over the Grand Canyon. Being assured that the product you choose won’t ultimately cost you your job because of trace amounts of THC… scary process! I’m finally confident enough in a company to trust their product for my own personal use. I chose Nature’s Ultra CBD because their standards meet those of my preferred essential oils company, Young Living. I’m also, at heart, a bit of a prude and fear even the tiniest potential of trace elements of THC being…

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    Life on social media

    I was floored to hear someone say to me, “You have a really fun and awesome life. You’re always posting awesome pictures on social media.  It’s so much better than mine could ever think about being.” Floored. My life is…

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    The decline in customer service

    A recent shopping experience left me angry and disturbed at its extremely poor customer service. The sales clerk was incapable of understanding the basic concept of my inquiry. I ended up not making a purchase that I was fully prepared…

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    Be a flamingo

    There are a lot of articles out there that preach/teach self-growth, surrounding yourself with your “tribe,” and other positive vibe-type content. BUT… Life, especially business life, isn’t usually wrapped up with pretty ribbons and bows. What do we do when…

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    Be kind to yourself

    The difficult part about writing about random life moments is when one comes up that totally jacks up your brain, and you can’t focus on anything else. For the first time in a very, very long time, I’ve been struck…