Tina’s Coffee Break began as a weekly column I wrote for three years in the community newspaper that my husband and I owned. My column was sometimes whimsical, often nonsensical, and occasionally serious.

Writing my weekly column became a means for me to express myself on seemingly random subjects, but subjects that were on my mind and/or in my heart at the time they were written — things we can all relate to many times.

After selling the newspaper, I found I missed writing my weekly column… and thus began my journey as a blogger.

I blend the various bits of my life — professional, entrepreneurial, and personal — and share my experiences with you. Simply put, I write about life’s moments.

So, who am I? I’m a businesswoman, always ready to take on another challenge!

I’ve managed my court reporting business for over 20 years. I have been a member of our town council for six years, the last three presiding over it as president. I provide business strategy guidance to my tribe and write as a hobby – all of which has put me on a path to find that ever-elusive work-life balance.

As a mother of two, wife for 32 years, and businesswoman of 25 years, a piece of me is in everything I write.

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