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Crystal and Diffuser Bracelets
Crystal and Diffuser Bracelets
Knotted Amazonite Mala

Welcome! My work  designing bracelets was born out of necessity… I found myself buying crystal bracelets and crystal diffuser bracelets quite regularly. (Some I was pleased with, although I felt the price was a bit steep; some were pretty generic and a bit of a disappointment.)

While sitting with my husband, Marty, one evening watching television, I was talking to him about yet another one I’d found that I really liked.

His response was, “Why don’t you just make your own?”

What?? Me, be creative? The thought had never crossed my mind before, to be straight-up honest with you. Anyhow, longish story short, I found a reputable wholesaler and placed and order, and the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s About the Vibe was born!

Of course, it took some time to decide on a name, and I wanted the name to speak to using crystals as well as essential oils to find that perfect combination that suits a moment, a mood, or a purpose. The name came from a coffee session with my besties, where, as usual, we conversed in our own unique way where we finish each others’ thoughts. “It’s about more than color…” “It’s about how it makes you feel…” “It’s about a favorite scent and how it makes you feel”… and on and on until, nearly in conjunction with one another, “It’s about the VIBE” was thrown out there.

It’s about the vibe, indeed.

MyIntent Maker
What’s your word?

Since that time, I have designed dozens and dozens of different bracelets. I’ve attended a couple of vendor events, which to be quite frank, was way outside my comfort zone but exactly what I needed to grow personally. I’ve met people I would never have met but for this endeavor, designed pieces for them specific to their needs, and grown even more on a personal level because of it. I’ve also added “Tina Bosse #MyIntentMaker” to my page, stamping #WhatsYourWord bracelets for friends and friends of friends. It’s all been incredibly rewarding.

In March of 2020, I began custom designing malas… knotting between each bead that was chosen by an individual after a one-on-one chat we had that helped me identify exactly what it was they were looking for in their mala.  It’s been incredible, and I’d have to say, by far one of the most rewarding things I’ve done thus far.  (See photo of a recent Amazonite mala above.)  I would love to work with you as well.  Just reach out and we’ll have a conversation and take it from there!

You can follow me on Facebook at It’s About the Vibe to see new crystal diffuser bracelets and other designs and keep up with our little community of crystal and essential oil fans. That is where I post new designs and occasionally hold a Live Facebook sale.

It’s an open page, so feel free to stop by anytime — give me a shout-out and let me know you found out about me on my website!


If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, feel free to reach out to me anytime.  You can read more about the basics of essential oils Here. Reach out to me as well on Facebook via Messenger or Instagram via DM!

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